10 Ways Homeschooling is Like Seinfeld

10 Ways Homeschooling Is Like SeinfeldHomeschooling is not all sunshine and rainbows.  Sometimes you will have bright and sunny days, but not all.  Like life, there will be many rainy days and you may even encounter the occasional hurricane.  When all this happens, know you are not alone.  Many other homeschoolers on this journey have gone through the same thing.

The classic show Seinfeld does a great job demonstrating some of the realities of homeschooling.

 1.  Enthusiasm for schooling

We would like to think that homeschooling always produces this reaction in kids, but it doesn’t.

2. When you ask them what they want to learn and this is their answer

3. Sometimes they will think that what you ask them to do is the worst thing ever

4. Things may not work out like you thought they would.

You know that expensive curriculum you just purchased or the great idea that you had? Sometimes things will flop.

5. Kids can get frustrated

6. Sometimes they just don’t care

7. If you have more than one child, there will be fighting

8. The toy that always seems to show up in your child’s hand during handwriting practice

9. They may turn in work that flabbergasts you

10. You step out the room and come back and find something like this going on.

Is your homeschool like Seinfeld? I can identify with all 10. How about you?

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  1. Every. Single. One. Thanks for the laugh!

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