1st Grade Science Plans

1st Grade Science PlansMy oldest, aged 6, is a science-lover. He loves doing experiments and figuring out the why and how. So this year I am avoiding any curriculum and sticking with hands-on science.

Greg's MicroscopeI purchased a home microscope for him to explore the microscopic world. He has eagerly learned how to use the microscope and has spent free time exploring.

He is using Greg’s Microscope as a reading book too. As he is reading the book, we stop to try out Greg’s experiments. In addition to the slides that came ready made with the microscope, we have made our own slides for salt, sugar, flour, sand, feathers, hair, crystallized salt, and crystallized sugar.

We are also using The World of the Microscope to explore more about the microscopic world.   I must say that I am discovering new things along with my son. Once we have grown tired of microscope exploration, we will move on to other hands-on activities. Given my son’s interest in the microscopic world, it may be awhile.

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