2011-2012 Curriculum Choices for 2nd Grade

Bible:  Read alouds from The Graphic Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible covering the Old Testament, Testament Bible in Animation DVD series, memory work, read alouds missionary biographies (Imprisoned in the Golden City – Adoniram Judson ,Lights in Lisuland (Isobel Kuhn), Sundar Singh, Gospel According to TL and Daisy), OT Bible stories from Adventures in Odyssey, and listening to a dramatized reading of the OT.
History:  Short studies on ancient Philistines, ancient Phoenicians, ancient Assyrians, ancient Persians, and ancient Scythians.  In-depth study on ancient Greece including ancient Greece myths, the story of Troy and the Odyssey, and Aesop’s fables.  Canada:  A People’s History DVD series

Geography: In-depth studies on Thailand and Sri Lanka.  Study on Buddhism.  Maps, Charts, and Graphs: United States and Its Neighbors Level E, Maps, Chart, and Graphs:  United States Past and Present Level H
Math:  Singapore 2B and 3A with Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems, Tangoes, Hands on Equations, living math books, math related videos, and Xtra Math for math facts.
Science: In-depth mammal classification study and physical science (living books and lab related to CPO Physical, Earth, and Space Science as well as a lab with Snap Circuits), Scratch, and botany study
Logic:  Grid Perplexors A, Chess Kids curriculum
Foreign Language:  Alif Baa and Arabian Sinbad for Arabic.  My First Chinese Reader 1, online tone practice for Mandarin, Athenaze 1
Art:  Informal study with art projects on Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, and Monet.  
Music: Alfred Kid’s Guitar Course, Connect the Thoughts composer study on Bach, Handel, and Mendelssohn.  Informal study on the Beatles, U2, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Music Ace Deluxe for music theory.
PE:  An average of 1 hour of active (sweat-producing) play required each school day.

Speech/Language Therapy:  Tasks of Problem Solving – Elementary

I’m listing language arts last since I split up the different areas of language arts.    
Language Arts:

Grammar:  Rod and Staff 2 and living books

Handwriting:  StartWrite handwriting worksheets
Vocabulary:  Vocabulary Cartoons and Rummy Roots

Phonics:  Rod and Staff Grade 2

Writing:  Rod and Staff 2, blogging, and writing to pen pals, Nanowrimo Young Writers
Typing:  Mavis Beacon 
Literature and Reading:  Selected list of classic reading books and read alouds.
Spelling:  Finish Rod and Staff 2.  Start Rod and Staff 3.  


  1. Wow that seems like a lot for a second grader. How many hours a day does he do schooling.

  2. Thank you for posting about your homeschool. I have used so many of your great ideas and links. I am on my 4th year of homeschooling! Thanks again for all of your hard work in sharing with the world.
    Michele in Arizona

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