5 Links Worth Reading


I wanted to share links to some great articles I found online this past week.  I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Share This With All the Schools Please  It is good to share this among homeschoolers as well.  Sometimes we are quick to share that public schools are poor places to learn.  At the same time, public schools are places where you will find some pretty dedicated teachers.  I say this as someone who used to work with teachers in the public school.  It is true that public schooling isn’t all good, but shouldn’t we celebrate the awesome teachers out there?  Check out the article and hear how one teacher went the extra mile to help students have a sense of belonging.
  2. Why We Need to Value Students’ Spatial Creativity  Do you have a visual-spatial learner?  One of my sons is highly visual-spatial and I suspect my daughter is a visual-spatial learner as well.  Much of academics is catered to the auditory-sequential learner.  I desire to help my visual-spatial learner use and advance his visual-spatial skills as an important part of his education.
  3. Why Some People Don’t Like Homeschoolers  Before you click on the link, take a moment and think about why some people may not like homeschoolers.  Is is what you thought?
  4. National Flags Made from Each Country’s Traditional Foods  You have to see these amazing creations using food.  What a great project this could be to combine geography and art!
  5. Ridiculously Photogenic Snowflakes Through Macro Photography by Alexey Kljatov  Take a minute and sneak a peek at these beautiful photographs of snowflakes.  Such amazing detail!

Do you have favorite links that you have encountered recently?  Share in the comment section.

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