5th Grade Curriculum Choices

These are my curriculum choices for my 5th grader who has strong language arts skills and an interest in science.

Bible – Draw to Learn the Life of Jesus, self-designed story-focused Fruit of the Spirit study, Visual Bible Matthew, John, and Acts, Nest Animated Stories from the NT, The Jesus Movie, Greatest Heroes of the Bible video series (NT episodes), Jesus of Nazareth movie, Storykeepers, The Greatest Story Ever Told movie, Precept Upon Precept – Ephesians, and the Friends and Heroes series.

MathSingapore Math text (finish through 5B), Singapore Challenging Word Problems, Hands-On Equations, Xtra Math, Alcumus, AOPS Pre-Algebra (when Singapore is finished)  

LogicChess Kid , Grid Perplexors C, Orbiting with Logic, Philosophy for Kids

Arabic – Alif Baa, Arabian Sinbad, Mastering Arabic 1

Mandarin – My First Chinese Reader 1

Greek – Athenaze 1

FrenchPronounce it Perfectly in French, Exercises in French Phonics, children’s books in French for reading

GrammarBJU Writing and Grammar 9 and Cozy Punctuation

WritingWriting with Skill, NaNoWriMo Middle School Workbook, Killgallon Story Grammar for Middle School  

Typing – Mavis Beacon

Handwriting – Cursive using Startwrite software

VocabularyWord Within the Word Vol. 1   

LiteratureFiguratively Speaking and classic literature

History – Ancient China through Anglo-Saxon England time period using Teaching Company lectures, literature, non-fiction books, movies, documentaries, and genealogical research.  

GeographyVirtual trip around the USA and Canada

Science CPO Physical, Earth, and Space ScienceInvertebrates study

Computer Science – Udacity CS101 Intro to Computer Science

Art – Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain

Music – Sight Sing a Song Set 1, Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method Grade 1


  1. I had a giggle over the “Continuing with cursing” mention in handwriting :). I think we all should start that class.

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