5th Grade Curriculum Choices

MathSingapore Math text (finish through 5B), Singapore Challenging Word Problems, Hands-On Equations, Xtra Math, Alcumus, AOPS Pre-Algebra (when Singapore is finished)

Logic– Chess Kid, Grid Perplexors C, Orbiting with Logic, Philosophy for Kids

Arabic – Alif Baa and Mastering Arabic 1, Arabian Sinbad

Mandarin – My First Chinese Reader 1 /  Discovering Chinese 2

French – Pronounce it Perfectly in French, Exercises in French Phonics, children’s books in French for reading

Greek – Athenaze 1

Grammar – BJU Writing and Grammar 9 and Cozy Punctuation

Writing – Writing with Skill, NaNoWriMo Middle School Workbook, Killgallon Story Grammar for Middle School  

Typing – Mavis Beacon

Handwriting – Continuing with cursive using Startwrite software

Vocabulary – Word Within the Word Vol. 1 

History – Ancient China through Anglo-Saxon England time period using Teaching Company lectures, literature, non-fiction books, movies, documentaries, and genealogical research.

Science – CPO Physical, Earth, and Space Science, Invertebrates study

Computer Science – Udacity CS101 Intro to Computer Science

Art – Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain

Music – Sight Sing a Song Set 1, Guitar Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method Grade 1 (finish) and then start Grade 2


  1. I had a giggle over the “Continuing with cursing” mention in handwriting :). I think we all should start that class.

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