A Little Girl’s Perspective on the Bible

DSCN8243The other day my 6 year old daughter told me that she had a question.  She usually hits me with a couple theological questions every week.  This week was no different.  For awhile now she has been listening to a dramatized Contemporary English Version of the New Testament.  She has also listened to some Old Testament stories.  My daughter asked me why everyone in the Bible prays for a boy baby and not a girl baby.

She made a good point.  It is true; I had not noticed any instance in the Bible where someone prayed for a baby girl.  After a short pause I did my best to answer her question.  I told her that the reason why people prayed for boy babies was because they didn’t know how special girls were.  I told her that Jesus did lots of things to help change people’s minds about girls, but many people still didn’t know how special girls were.  I also briefly mentioned how inheritance worked back then, but my main point was that people just didn’t understand how special girls were.  That satisfied her and she was happy to know that girls are special.  And I’m happy that my daughter can grow up in an age where she isn’t a second class citizen.


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