A moment in our homeschooling day

This afternoon while we were schooling I noticed all three of my kids around the table content. That never happens!

Usually the little one is running around playing, but she decided to join us. I captured the moment in pictures to show what each child was doing.

My little one decided she wanted to sit at the table and “daw puhpo.” Translated that means draw with purple crayons. Well, to her everything is purple right now.

My oldest was using a dry erase marker to write spelling words. We did a total of 50 words. I gave a word from the Sequential Spelling 1 program and then she wrote it down. If she incorrectly spells the word I write the word down correctly and she then corrects her word. The green on the dry erase board is our fire escape plan we made a couple days ago.

My Kindergartener had finished his individual work for the day so he was doing a collage art program online found here.  

We have our share of chaotic and whiny moments. It was nice to capture all three working peacefully at the table.

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