A Perspective on Whining

A Perspective on Whining

Whining seems to come easy to the human race.  We all do it.  Adults are a bit more controlled at times and label it differently, but we all whine.

So what should be done about kids who whine?  It is a good question and not one in which I can give the solution, but I can share what seems to help my children.

I teach perspective.  I seek to give my children a world’s viewpoint.  In comparison to other Canadians or to others in our neighborhood, we are far from rich.  But in comparison to the world, we are very rich. They watch videos like this one:

Around 1st-3rd grade my kids have all completed a unit study on world poverty.  They understand that not all children have food to eat, have a warm bed in which to sleep, have parents, have safety, or have the chance to go to school.

While whining does still happen, I seek to reinforce the idea that my children really have no good reason to whine when they put their lives in perspective of the world.

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