A Snapshot of a Homeschooling Day

snapshotLate this afternoon about an hour before we finished school for the day I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of what was going on in our homeschool.  While every day is different this moment demonstrated how working with children in different grades can work.  Sometimes my children do work together, but since they are two years apart many things need to be done separately.

My oldest son finished his reading book, Paddle-to-the-Sea, yesterday.  Today he wrote a book report on his blog.  He spent about 20 minutes doing it.  He wrote it and we went over his writing together and corrected any punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors.

My youngest son started doing All About Spelling this week.  I had contemplated switching him to Explode the Code online, but I decided to give All About Spelling a try first since I had it here gathering dust.  All About Spelling is a rule-based spelling program so it can be used in place of a phonics program.  This program requires parent guidance and it is not something a child is supposed to do independently.

As my boys were doing their activities my little girl was enjoying her letters.  This is how unschooling a toddler looks in our house.  I provide her with educational toys and materials and she explores as she is interested.

Shortly after this when my younger son left his seat for a few minutes she quickly made her way into his seat so she could do abc’s too.

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