Active Life Outdoor Challenge

After asking around and reading reviews I finally decided on the Wii game Active Life Outdoor Challengefor part of our PE this school year. I wanted a way for my boys to have independent cardio exercise that was highly motivating. This Wii game has been successful. It comes with a mat that the child has to use to move around and jump. This game has modules where a child can exercise the full body, harder exercise, easier exercise, upper body, jumping exercises, endurance exercises and more. It can be played as an individual or with a teammate too. It also tracks how the child does and puts the results on a chart for them to see their progress. Even my 2 year old loves it.

20 minutes on this game will get my boys all sweaty so it is not your typical video game. Here is a little video I found on YouTube that shows how to play a couple of the games on Wii Active Life Outdoor Challenge.

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