Ancient Europe

ancienteuropeWe recently completed a brief study of ancient Europe.  We primarily looked at the prehistoric village of Skara Brae and Stonehenge.

I use this book as our spine for our study of ancient history.  I follow the sequence presented in this book and use it to introduce a new place and time.

This book goes into new theories about Stonehenge from the point of view of an archeologist.

  • Make Stonehenge out of blocks

This was a quick and fun activity.  In the end it did look a bit like Stonehenge.

  • Edible Archaeology:  The Excavation of a Chocolate Chip Cookie

I gave each child a nut pick and a paint brush and told them to remove a chip from a Chips Ahoy cookie without destroying the chip.  One child slowly and carefully worked out two chocolate chips over 15 minutes time.  The other child went whole hog and attempted to use his pick as a lever.  He ended up with a cookie broken in several places in the first minute.  He decided a career as an archeologist wasn’t going to fit him.

A story of a man who erected a Stonehenge like monument in his backyard without the use of modern devices.

  • Watch  Stonehenge Decoded DVD
  • Place pictures of Stonehenge and Skara Brae in our timeline book.

Our next stop in history will be the Babylonians, Hittites, and Canaanites.

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