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We started our journey to learn Ancient Greek when my boys were 6 and 4.  I purchased the first book in the Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek series.  It came with a CD, workbook, and reader.  We slowly went through the first book over the course of 2 years before moving on to the 2nd book in the series.  After that I decided to split my boys up.  Purchasing two sets of the Greek materials each year was going to be expensive.  At that point I moved my oldest child who was then in 4th grade to a free curriculum found at while my younger son continued with Hey Andrew using the 3rd book.  A couple months into that school year, I realized that I had to abandon both options.  The free curriculum was difficult to use and my younger son was no longer learning with the Hey Andrew curriculum.    
I went searching and found Athenaze.  It is a ancient Greek curriculum designed for high school.  During that school year we started Athenaze and have been slowing going through the book since then.  We intersperse formal Greek with times reading the Bible in Greek and informal games with Greek vocabulary words.  Athenaze has been a little difficult in spots.  The grammar isn’t always easy, but studying the Greek grammar has improved my children’s knowledge of English grammar.  
If you are considering learning Greek and starting at a young age I would recommend:
If you are considering learning Greek and starting at an older age I would recommend:
  • Greek Alphabet Code Cracker – I have heard great things about this curriculum.  It helps your child learn the alphabet, but I chose Hey Andrew because I thought it was more suitable for my 5 year old.
  • Elementary Greek or Athenaze – I haven’t used Elementary Greek, but I’ve heard some good things about it.  I thought the reading approach of Athenaze would be a better fit for my kids.
  • The alphabet banner can be used for all ages.
Reading some new Greek vocabulary words

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