Arabic Alphabet App

I absolutely love the Arabiah HD app for learning the letters of the Arabic alphabet.  It is a puzzle-type game

that says the name of the letter when you move it into a moving scrolling puzzle.  It only gives you a couple letters at a time so it isn’t difficult to learn the names of letters a few at a time.  Overall you go through 24 different levels.  Each new level contains some previous letters as well as a new one.  There are three different difficulty settings too.

The easy setting works great for my almost 5 year old.  She enjoys playing the game.  She loves finding the glowing letters because once they are put in the puzzle she gets a jewel.  I like to play it too.  The medium level can get challenging because a laser comes by and if you happen to be placing a letter into the puzzle at that exact time you lose your letter.  We haven’t tried the hard level yet.  It can only be played when the entire game has been completed at the easy or medium level.

I see the formal description rates it for ages 9 and up due to some mild violence.  The only thing I have noticed so far was letters blowing up or touching a rotating knife and going away.  I’m pretty picky about violence and I have no problems with my 4 year old using this app.  It is possible that there is something else on the hardest setting, but we haven’t made it there yet.

I plan to continue to use this to help my daughter learn the names of the letters.  Once she has them mastered we will move to Alif Baa where she will learn to read and write in Arabic.  We are also using Arabian Sinbad for Arabic vocabulary development.

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