Backyard Science Bug Style

Backyard Science Bug StyleWe started science today. This year we are studying bugs, flowers, and the ocean. Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method: More Than 100 Hands-On Science Experiments for Children is a handy book that we are using to study bugs and learn about the scientific method.

Our science began today by reading a little about pill bugs.  First we learned where they lived and watched some videos on Youtube about them.  I had an empty fish tank so we used it to set up a terrarium in our school room to house some pill bugs.  This will allow us to observe them and conduct experiments in the coming weeks. Today our task was to prepare the terrarium for our visitors. We gathered dirt, wood, and a brick and placed them in the tank.

Gathering the dirt needed. We did find one little rollie pollie bug while collecting dirt, but he escaped when his container was tipped.

Here are my two boys with the finished terrarium. Now we will need to hunt for pill bugs to fill it up! And I have to make sure those little critters won’t be able to escape too. As we go throughout the year we will also be studying crickets, worms, praying mantises, and tadpoles/toads.

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