Baking Competition: Please Vote for the Best Looking Cookie

We had our first baking competition and we have a winner declared for the tasting portion of our competition, but we need to declare a winner for the appearance.  Please vote on the best looking cookie.

Number 1:  Blueberry Drop Cookies
Number 2:  Rolled Sugar Cookie with frosting
Number 3:  Girl Scout Samoa Cookies
Please vote in the comment section below 🙂  Votes will be accepted through the 25th of July.


  1. Number 3: Girl Scout Samoa Cookies

  2. I’m with #3. Looks awesome… hope you all had fun baking!

  3. #3
    I would like to see you post the recipes of all of them here! All look yummy looking. : )

  4. The GS Samoa looks so good!

  5. The one I would grab first to eat is the blueberry drop…

  6. #1, although they all look good, congrats to the kids! #1 looks so homey and cozy and comforting, it it wasn’t 100 degrees here it would be great with a cup of tea!


  7. #1, but they all look great!

  8. #3 – it looks deeeelish! 🙂

  9. Girl Scout Samoa Cookies…look yummy !

  10. Number 1. The blueberry

  11. I’m liking the blueberry drop cookie! I could definitely sit down with a couple of those and a cup of tea. 🙂

  12. The rolled sugar cookie with frosting (that looks like a fun mess!).

  13. girl scout samoa cookie – 2 votes (one of my co-workers voted too) – aunt jenny

  14. Another vote for the Girl Scout Somoa cookie….because who can resist drizzly chocolate? Yum! They all look great though! Which one won the best tasting cookie?

  15. i gotta go with the GS Samoa!

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