Baking Competition

This coming school year we are adding a bit of baking fun into some of our school days.  My kids really enjoy baking and creating something good to eat.  For this competition they will have to find a recipe and make a grocery list of anything needed.  My boys will then need to make the recipe independently with maybe a little help from me on the oven, if needed.  My youngest will have a bit of help from me.  The final items will be judged on appearance here on this blog by readers and Dad will be the judge of the best tasting dish.

I’ve listed the line up here.  Each of these will probably take half of a school day plus any time spent choosing a recipe.  I don’t really have a space carved out for this in our regular school schedule so we will just alternate the days spent so it doesn’t take a big chunk out of any one subject.  For example, in July we will probably do it on a Wednesday so in August we will have a competition on another day of the week.  In total, it should take up 5 complete school days.

July – Cookies

August – Pizza

September – Cake

October – Bread

November – Pie

December -Muffins

January – Brownies

March – Biscuits

April – Sweet bread

May – Naan bread
Here are the points to be awarded:
Appearance (by popular vote)
1st place – 3 points
2nd place – 2 points
3rd place – 1 point
Taste (by unbiased taste testers)
1st place – 3 points
2nd place – 2 points
3rd place – 1 point
The points will accumulate with a final winner as well as a champion of each individual bake.  
This should be a little bit of fun with a good dose of learning mixed in.  I expect this will really help them learn to follow a recipe, learn the basics of baking, and give them a chance to be creative.

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  1. What a great idea! Good for you giving them such a great opportunity!

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