Biscuit Baking Competition – Please Vote for the Best Looking Biscuit.

Our Baking Competitions are resuming this school year.  We only have two more to finish up the entire competition and declare an overall winner.  This time the competition was for biscuits.

We already have a winner for the best tasting biscuit – to be announced next week.  Now, we need a winner for the best looking biscuit.  Please vote for the biscuit that looks the best.

1.  JP`s Big Daddy Biscuits


2.  Bacon-Cheese Biscuits


3.  Lime Biscuits


Voting will close on August 6.  Thank you for voting!



  1. Gotta go with the bacon cheese… yum!!
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  2. bacon cheese sounds the yummiest, but best looking is the lime! enjoy!

  3. That was a hard one, because I wasn’t sure if I liked one because it sounded good, or looked good. 😉 Mmmmmmmm.

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