Box Day!!

Today we had a surprise knock at the door in the middle of the day.  I expected it to be one of the guys working on our street again since they had the water shut off for the day.  To my surprise it was the mailman.  He had a large package for us from Rainbow Resource Center.  I had only ordered a week ago and it can take a couple of weeks for the package to get to Ontario from Illinois.  Sometimes my package has been held up in customs for quite awhile too.  Add to that the normal several days wait time it takes before a package ships and I was totally surprised.  I hadn’t even called them yet to get a tracking number.

This was my attempt at getting a picture of all three of my kids before we dug into the box.

I didn’t fare much better with my second attempt!

Anyway, we sat down and dug into the box showing the kids the new items one by one.  Because I am in Canada I need to try and get everything I need for awhile at once.  The more I spend the lower my shipping costs and customs costs per item.

Here is what we uncovered:

Hey, Andrew! Greek Level 1 Workbook (for youngest next year)
Classical Writing: Aesop (for 2 boys)
Classical Writing: Aesop – Instructor’s Gde A (for upcoming 4th grader)
Classical Writing: Aesop – Student Workbook A (for upcoming 4th grader)
Classical Writing: Aesop & Homer InstructorGd (for upcoming 6th grader)
Classical Writing: Aesop and Homer Stdnt Wkbk (for upcoming 6th grader)
Classical Writing: Homer (for upcoming 6th grader)
Classical Writing:Poetry/Beginners InstGd O/B (for upcoming 6th grader)
Classical Writing:Poetry/Beg Wrkbk Older Stdn (for upcoming 6th grader)
Classical Writing: Poetry for Beginners (for upcoming 6th grader)
AOPS Introduction to Algebra Set (for upcoming 6th grader when he finishes Pre-Algebra)
Grid Perplexors Level C (for upcoming 4th grader)
Grid Perplexors Level D (for upcoming 6th grader)
Dry Erase Board 11×16 – Qty:2 – These were cracked, but Rainbow Resources took care of it already.
Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural + key (upcoming 4th grader is excited about this one)
Explode the Code Book 3 (for youngest next year)
Explode the Code Book 4  (for youngest next year)
Explode the Code Book 5 (for youngest next year)
Write About Me  (for youngest next year) I did this with my older kids too and it is a great keepsake.
Write About My World (for youngest next year)
Crossover Pencil Grip – Original (BRIGHT) – (for my 2 younger kids)
Harvey’s Elementary Grammar Part 1 Answer Key (for me)
Harvey’s Elementary Grammar Stdt Wkbk Part 1 (for my upcoming 6th grader)
Standard Try-Rex Pencil with Eraser – Qty:30  (for all of us, I love their pencils)
Chisel Point Expo Low Odor Markers card of 16 – Qty:2 (because they cost $$$ here)
Fine Point Expo Low Odor Markers card of 12 – Qty:1 (same as reason above)
Windows to World:Intro Lit Analysis Tchr/Stnt -(for upcoming 6th grader)
Snap Circuits Student Guide SC-300R/500R/750R -(for upcoming 4th grader)
Snap Circuits Tchr Gd for SC 100/300/500/750 (for me)
Grotto Grip – Qty:5 -(for my 2 younger kids)
Art of Argument Teacher’s Edition – (for my upcoming 6th grader)

I still need to place a couple more orders at different places before I have everything we need for the coming school year.  I am switching to Classical Writing for this coming school year.  I spent a bit of time deciding on where to go with writing and I liked the skills Classical Writing taught.  It does appear to be a time hog and requires lots of effort on my part, but I think the end results will be worth it.  It was an expensive move, but I can reuse most of the materials for my younger kids.

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