Brain Art

My kids enjoy science and art, so why not combine them when we can?  We recently studied the brain and incorporated string art to demonstrate the many connections we have within our brain.

I found a couple of cheap frames at Michaels and the boys hammered in nails around the edges and at the center in a pattern.

Then it was time to start stringing.  I didn’t find the right kind of string at Michaels for string art, so I purchased some embroidery thread.  It worked fine.

 My older son made connections anywhere and everywhere.  My younger son decided to make a fish.

The finished projects:


  1. The pictures of the two boy’s products may speak to the onset of creativity itself. The younger child’s choice was an extremely creative way to approach the task.

  2. This was a very innovative way to show the connections of the brain to your children. They look like they had a wonderful time.

  3. That’s a brilliant idea! Makes me think of lots of ways to use string art. Cool fish!!

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