Cake Baking Competition: And the Winner Is….

The results are in.  We had three taste testers who rated the cakes.  When the scores were tallied the best tasting cake was the Strawberry Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting that was made by my 6th grader.

Second place was the Gummy Bear Confetti Cake made (with help) by my Kindergartner.

Coming in third was a classic chocolate cake with chocolate icing made by my 4th grader.

With over 150 votes counted, the winners for the appearance were:
First place:  Gummy Bear Confetti Cake
Second place:  Strawberry Cake
Third place:  Chocolate Cake
The total points accrued for the cake competition were:
6th grader:  5 points
4th grader:  2 points
Kindergartner: 5 points
This competition is part of a year long series of mini-competitions.  The overall winner will be declared at the end of the school year.  The total points for the school year thus far are:
6th grader:  9 points
4th grader:  5 points
Kindergartner:  11 points
We should do our next competition in a couple of weeks.  Home made pizza is on the menu!

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