Can Homeschooling Parents Really Teach Every Subject Well?

Can Homeschooling Parents Really Teach Every Subject Well

Can I as a homeschooling parent really teach every subject well?  Doubters of homeschooling often question whether or not parents can provide an appropriate education.

I think this very question demonstrates a misunderstanding of how homeschooling works.

I can’t teach every subject well.  That is rather impossible.  My job isn’t to teach my children anyway.

As a homeschooling parent my goal isn’t to teach, but for my children to learn.  My job is to guide them in that process.

Sometimes that may mean that I teach them what I already know….or I teach them something after I learn it on my own…or we learn together…or I use a curriculum to guide our learning…or a teacher at a local or online class teaches my child…or I simply provide resources or opportunities for my child to learn on his/her own.

What I don’t know doesn’t limit me.  It doesn’t limit my children either.  It inspires us to find out, be inquisitive, and discover answers.  It motivates me to find resources to help my children learn.

You see, I am not a fountain of knowledge.  I don’t want my children to see education as something that should be spoon-fed from a teacher anyway.  I want them to see education as the process of learning.  Sometimes that learning process is messy.  Sometimes answers must be sought out.

Sometimes they ask questions when I don’t know the answer.  At that point my child either discovers the answer on his/her own or we find out together.

Sometimes my children study things I have never studied.  That hasn’t been an issue at all because homeschooling isn’t about a teacher-student dynamic.  My kids don’t need to look to me for answers.  Answers are out there to be found and discovered.  Homeschooling provides a natural environment for an active rather than a passive learner.

Gone is the test taking environment where kids repeatedly ask the teacher if something will be on the next test.  There is no learning for a test.  There is learning for life.  There is learning for the sake of knowing.

My son was asked recently if he was good in history.  He found the question rather puzzling as did I.  You see, our history learning has been about learning and understanding.  We immerse ourselves in times and places and learning happens naturally. There is no good or bad in that.  There are no tests.  We simply learn. That is what education should be about after all.

Homeschooling isn’t about teaching my child, but making sure my child learns.  If one thing doesn’t work, we find another way to learn.  There are a world of options out there when you stick your head out of the standard education box.

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  1. Like you and so many others have experienced, I too have been given that baffled look by people who don’t understand what, how, or why we teach our children at home! People get so caught up with their idea of “normal” and “traditional” schooling that’s used in the public school systems that they seem to have a difficult time accepting homeschooling in general.
    I have learned to let in roll off my back, I don’t owe them any explanation and I no longer have those conversations with people. What works for their child might not work for mine, and vice versa.

    Thank you for your post and I completely agree!!

  2. So true! Thank you for sharing this. It gives us the strenght to carry on.

  3. In the digital age, why would anyone think a parent would have to teach their kid everything? When I want to learn something as an adult, I go to YouTube and look for the good tutorials on what I want to learn. Likewise, there are thousands of videos on YouTube alone that are to help kids learn.

  4. We have decided to “free-school” our kids. When telling people often Im met by comments like “I wish I could do that but i dont know enough”. Should I take that as a compliment that They think i DO know alot? Well, whatever! I Love Love Love the fact i will learn SO much on this journey!! As well as My kids!! 😉

  5. “Homeschooling isn’t about teaching my child, but making sure my child learns. ” Love this! Pretty much sums it up for me. ♥

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