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Story of the World Ancient Times: Books, Videos, and Projects

Story of the World Ancient Times

I’m going through the Story of the World series with my daughter at a leisurely pace.  We are using the Story of the World audio book and the Story of the World Activity Book as our main resources and adding in some videos, books, and projects. On this post I …

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Ancient Egypt Unit Study


Several years ago my boys and I spent the school year studying ancient Egypt.  I am going over ancient Egypt with my youngest now and I went to find my former plans on the blog and couldn’t find them.  After searching on my computer a little while I found them …

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Types and Shadows of the Old Covenant Unit Study


I put this study together to help my children better understand the symbolism in the Old Covenant and how it relates to Jesus.  It is primarily designed for my 7th and 5th graders, but my 1st grader will also participate with an abbreviated discussion time.  It digs deep into the …

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Designing a Unit Study for History, Geography, or Science

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This post is part of the Virtual Curriculum Fair.  The topic this week is social studies and science.  We have enjoyed exploring social studies and science through unit studies.  Our love for unit studies all began when my oldest child was 5 and very much into dinosaurs.  As we embarked …

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Ancient China, Ancient Rome, Early Christianity, and the Celts Study

My boys are studying part of the ancient world this school year.  The past couple of years we have focused on ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.  This year our focus will be on ancient Rome.  In Bible we are also covering the same time period.  My boys are very different …

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