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6 Reasons Why We Are Learning Multiple Languages

We have been on this foreign language journey for many years now.  I started exposure to Mandarin early on and when my oldest was in Kindergarten, we started to formally learn Mandarin.  Wanting to give my children the advantage of early exposure while their sound systems were still pliable, I …

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Scheduling Multiple Foreign Languages

Over the years I’ve changed our schedule many times and we have tried different ways to approach learning multiple languages.  Because our progress in languages was quite slow for the first part of this school year, I changed things up about a month ago and have been very pleased with …

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Teaching a Foreign Language When You Don’t Speak it.

I am not an expert in foreign language instruction.  I only speak English fluently and have taken upon myself the task of helping my children learn multiple foreign languages.  In graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology I was blessed to be able to “specialize” and work with a professor to help …

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