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5 Things I Fear About Public School

Recently, someone who didn’t know me too well started to shower down 20 questions about homeschooling and share her perspectives on the matter.  I don’t know about you, but I seem to run into quite a bit of people who don’t get homeschooling and are quick to share their criticisms …

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Homeschooling a Highly Imaginative Child

Homeschooling a highly imaginative kid is an interesting endeavor.  Creativity is often suppressed with traditional educational models.  While challenging, homeschooling a highly imaginative child allows you to embrace the immense creativity of these kids and adapt the learning environment to suit your child. Go with the flow While there are …

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Mirror Writing

My 6 year old showed me another book that she completed today.  My highly creative visual-spatial learner loves to draw, write, and create stories from her imagination.  Every once in awhile she will show me a story or a page and I will see mirror writing.  She doesn’t know that …

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