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Documentary-Based Modern World History Course for High School

This is a modern world history course that I put together for my 9th grader.  He is studying World War 2 through current times.  While this is a world history course, it does have more US history than other countries.  I’ve combined readings, documentaries, and writing to create a 1 …

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Movies as Literature Curriculum Review

Movies as Literature is a different approach to literature reading and analysis.  The curriculum is designed to be used as a one year high school English course or it can be used to supplement studies from middle school through high school.  We chose the latter.  We have been using parts …

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Long Term Plans 8th Grade – 12th Grade

I finally completed long-term plans for my current 7th grader.  I had previously done some long-term plans for him a couple years ago and I revised them to meet his current interests and progress. This kid has an interest in entering a computer science or electrical engineering field.  Due to …

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