Cave Art: Ancient History Art Project

We just spend a couple months learning about prehistoric people and really enjoyed the story of Maroo of the Winter Caves.  The book gave us a good idea of what life must have been like for people who lived long ago.

We don’t have a cave around here to use for art, so I used the next best thing – an old Thomas the train tent.  My boys did a similar art project several years ago when they studied prehistoric people and I thought I remembered how I had set up the tent to be cave-like, but soon discovered that things weren’t working so well.




This was my first attempt at creating a writing surface in the “cave.”  I had taped paper together and taped it onto the tent.  Thinking everything was all set, I called my daughter to come and she came running.  As I turned the thing over paper fell everywhere!  After attempting to fix it, I scrapped it and remembered that I had used construction paper when my boys did it.



I taped the bejeezers out of this one and it stuck when I turned the tent over.





My 6 year old took some chalk into the cave to draw animals and designs.  She even did a handprint and footprint.




It was a fun little activity that didn’t go without some frustration on my part, but it was worth it in the end.  She enjoyed it and will likely remember it for years to come.

My boys mostly did history and other projects together, but my daughter was too young to participate or remember.  They did their cave art activity when she was only 1.   It has been nice to revisit some of the same projects that my boys did many years ago.

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  1. What a fun art project! We have a tent like that, I’ll have to do this with my kids!
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