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In the last few months we have become quite active on Facebook.  I typical share snippets of things about our school days as they are happening.  I also take sample photos of curriculum in use to give others an idea of what the curriculum is like.  The interactive environment that Facebook provides makes it an easy way to communicate with one another.  Stop by and join the conversations.

Here is an example of a recent school day as recorded on Facebook:

Rearranged the schoolroom a bit this morning to help me be able to work with 3 kids at once a little easier.


I love the Write About Me book for early writing. I used the book in Kindergarten for all my kids and it makes a great keepsake!


An interesting perspective on the recent debate between Nye and Ham (with link to this article

Someone lost a front tooth today!


Snap Circuits with the Snap Circuits Student Guide. I’m not sure I like the included quizzes, but the content is good.


How many school days a week are you usually home-based?

Usually, the majority of our week is home-based. However, this week is a bit crazy. Today is the only day this week where I’m home all day.



Did you all see this? Thoughts? The socialization argument never seems to go away.  (Link to


I need to start putting together unit studies for next school year. It looks like these are the topics:

Names of God
Nutrition and Health
World Poverty (actually it is already done, I just need to review it)
Africa Geography – Countries and cultures
Magic School Bus
Old Testament Types and Shadows
Documentary-based Early Modern History study

Which one sounds the most interesting to you? Please share in the comments section.

You can find us on Facebook here.  We would love to have you come check it out.

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