Classical and Modern Music Appreciation Study

musicSeveral years ago we took some time to appreciate classical and modern music artists in our homeschool day.  While they pick up on music listened to around the home, I decided to put together a study that would help them recognize different classical composers as well as appreciate and identify a few modern artists.  I purchased the Connect the Thoughts Music History – Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, and Mendelssohn curriculum through Currclick.  It introduced the concept of music appreciation and then proceeded to give a little information about different composers.  It also provided YouTube links to listen to music from each composer.  If you purchase the curriculum at Currclick,  you will receive a pdf file with links.

I didn’t find much on modern artists so I put together my own study and meshed it with the classical one.  I chose 5 different modern artists or groups and found a short biography of them at the library as well as plenty of YouTube links to hear and see them perform.

As we completed each artist we printed out of picture of them from the internet and glued them into our timeline book.  All the page numbers correspond to the Connect the Thoughts Music History – Vivaldi, Back, Handel, and Mendelssohn.

Introduction to Classical Music

  • Start on page Connect the Thoughts pg 7 #2.
    • What is music/composing
    • Gregorian Chant – Timeline 590
    • Palestrina – Timeline 1525
    • Monteverdi – Timeline 1567
    • Telemann – Timeline 1681
    • Rameau – Timeline 1683

Mahalia Jackson 1911-1972

Antonio Vivaldi 1675

Elvis 1935-1977

Johann Sebastian Bach 1685


Georg Friedrich Handel 1685


Felix Mendelssohn 1809

Andrew Lloyd Webber 1948 – Present

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