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Nearly a year ago I ran into a blog of a public school high school teacher.  He was mocking homeschooling and stating that a parent couldn’t possibly know enough to teach their child every subject.  That is true.  Parents don’t know all there is to know about every subject in school, but they can find a curriculum or a teacher that will teach it.  It is simple.  If your child is thirsty for water you give it to him.  When your water runs out you go find water elsewhere.

So if you child is into medieval history and reads just about everything you can find on it, you can search for something more.  With the age of the internet there are so many options available to parents.  Many college classes are offered online that a medieval history buff would love to sink his teeth into.  These courses are typically free and a couple years old.  Just do a Google search for college open courseware and start investigating.  A parent can either take the course and teach the child or if the child is ready for it he can listen to the lectures and learn himself.

This past week I started my astronomy lover on an Astronomy 101 course at a Michigan university.  So far he is loving it.  I searched and searched for options for him, but most curriculum I could find dealt with basic astronomy and he wanted more meat.  His course is a video course so he gets to see the professor and the professor gets to show pictures of what he is talking about.  I am definitely looking forward to years of learning ahead of us and confident that I can provide my child with information that will feed his thirst.  So my response to this public high school teacher would be to tell him that I don’t have to have my own water to fill my son’s cup.


  1. I’m not anti-school, but school is not the first place I’d go to meet my children’s needs … to continue the water analogy, my feeling is that school is like a dripping rusty tap, life-learning is like a fresh, deep spring.

    If my son (5) was at school now, he would in theory still be able to learn about Egyptian history, paleontology and advanced science (his interests for the last 2 years) after school and on weekends … but would his energy be sapped by sitting through hours of ABC’s and science topics such as living vs non-living? I think so. Here, his hours are fairly free to explore any subject in depth, play his guitar and drums and converse with people of many ages. In a few years I’ll be quite out of my depth, and like you will be leading my children to other water holes to quench their thirst.

  2. The idea here is that a parent can teach or provide teaching for any and all subjects contrary to what many in the education field may believe. I disagree that school has to be only first base. When you homeschool you can tailor your child’s education so school can be a home run every time. Your child can be taught at his level in every subject and be taught according to his learning style.

  3. Why even acknowledge it! Our kids are not home schooled and we often do the same for them. Each child has their own computer and use it constantly. ANY school is only first base, you & your child have to take the ball and run w/it!The name of the game is choice and I am loving mine as I’m sure you are loving yours…..that’s what makes the world go round.

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