Combining Super Mario with Foreign Language Learning

My kids all love Mario.  At breakfast time each morning my children watch a video in a foreign language.  I have some DVDs around the house and I also utilize Youtube for the many great kid’s shows in foreign languages.

This morning I discovered some Super Mario videos on Youtube in French.  I use videos to immerse my kids in the target language, even if they only understand a little of the language.  The videos also help them develop an ear for the sounds of the language.

If your child is interested in Mario, My Little Pony, or some other character or show, simply type in the name of the show and your target language into the Youtube search box.  Sometimes I’ve needed to search a little, but usually typing in a character or a show with a target language leads me to several videos right way.

If your child is “too old” for many of the children’s shows, I would try them anyway.  They usually have more simplified language which is ideal for immersion.  My “too old” boys have watched Dora in a foreign language.  They have fun laughing at the attempt at humor and discussing the inaccuracies they find.

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