Cookie Cake of China

As part of our “travels” around the world we map out the countries with cookie dough.  My boys and I made a batch of cookie dough for our cookie cake of China.  Baking is a great educational tool especially when you double the recipe.  Exposure to fractions, adding fractions, reading the recipe, discussion of reactions between different ingredients, and more bring many different subjects into one activity.  But those were just an added bonus.

Once we made the dough I spread it on a pan and baked it.  Once it had cooled I cut it to resemble the shape of the country of China.  When it looked close, I covered it with frosting to make our decorations stay put.  I piped on the main rivers in red frosting.  My boys then used mini-marshmallows to represent the mountains, ground almonds to represent the desert, green sugar to represent greener areas, and cashews to represent the great wall.  It was fun and yummy too.


  1. Such a cute idea. Love it.

  2. This is a great idea, and one I’d like to try.

  3. Love it!!! The best way to learn!!!

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