Cookie map of India

Cookie Map of Indiaindia cookie mapEdible geography is a fun way to introduce different countries.  When I first started the study of different countries with my boys several years ago we made a salt map.  It was fun making the dough and labeling our map, but at the end we had a map that was taking up precious space.

Since we were already making dough I thought we might as well try and make cookie dough.  I quickly learned to not shape the dough in the form of the country we were studying because the dough changed while cooking.  I ended up cutting the dough into the shape of the country when it finished baking.

Here is our cookie map of India.  I used a chocolate chip cookie dough that was cut into the shape of India.  The marshmallows are supposed to represent mountains, the red line is supposed to be the Ganges River, the sugar is supposed to be the desert, and the peanuts are supposed to be the ghats.  I had spread a layer of peanut butter so the mountains, desert, and ghats would stick to the map.

We did this as part of our unit study on India.  Go here to see our complete unit study.

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  1. I am *so* going to try this! Thanks for sharing!

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