Corintho Game Review

Corintho is a great supplement to a study of ancient Greece. It is a game where each player tries to stack pillar pieces to create three identical parts of the pillar in a row. This game is made from very sturdy stone-like pieces and the base is quite heavy. The pillars are broken into three pieces that are distributed to each player in the game. When a player takes a turn they can either place a piece on the board or move a piece already placed on the board.

The first time we played this we didn’t totally understand how to play and my boys were bored with it. The second time we played we read the instructions more carefully and ended up playing it about eight times in a row. For us the game has taken about 5-10 minutes each time. For those with a greater establishment of strategy I can see this game taking longer.

While we do plan on studying ancient Greece in the future, we just play this game for the fun of it. And fun is a very good reason to get out Corintho.

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