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This is a simple study to help introduce my Kindergarten-aged child to different cultures around the world.  I searched my local library for DVDs and books that were suitable for a younger child.  Appreciating other cultures is an important goal in our homeschool.The plan is to go through this list chronologically, but some variation may need to happen depending on availability at the library.  We will read the books together, look up some countries on the globe, talk about the different cultures, and watch DVDs.  The goal is to encourage my child to see the world through borderless eyes.I linked to all the books in the study.  The others on the list are DVDs.

  1. Children Just Like Me: A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World
  2. Global Wonders India
  3. Global Wonders Mexico
  4. Houses and Homes (Around the World Series)
  5. East Africa for Kids
  6. Tibet for Kids
  7. Bread, Bread, Bread (Around the World Series)
  8. West Africa for Kids
  9. Ethiopia for Kids
  10. On the Go (Around the World Series)
  11. The Little Travelers Germany
  12. The Little Travelers Iran
  13. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes (Mulberry Books)
  14. The Little Travelers Japan
  15. The Little Travelers Bali
  16. Hats, Hats, Hats (Around the World Series)
  17. The Little Travelers The British Isles
  18. Families of Philippines
  19. Tools
  20. Families of Germany
  21. Families of Canada
  22. Weddingsby Morris
  23. Families of Afghanistan
  24. Families of Kenya
  25. Familiesby Morris
  26. M’Parany in Madagascar
  27. Diogo in Portugal
  28. Loving (Around the World Series)
  29. Outi in Finland
  30. Rebeka in Estonia
  31. Lars in Sweden
  32. Children Just Like Me: Celebrations!
  33. Svanborg in Iceland
  34. Noggy in Mongolia
  35. Amira in Algeria
  36. The Oxford First Book of Children of the World (Oxford First Books)
  37. Andreas in Austria
  38. Simio in Greece
  39. Pepito in Guatemala
  40. Children from Australia to Zimbabwe: A Photographic Journey around the World
  41. Dermat in Australia
  42. Jake in Texas
  43. A School Like Mine

This study will help my daughter prepare for our World Poverty study that she will do in first grade.


  1. How long should this study last? Do you do one item each day, each week, or what? I love this and hope to add it to our homeschool plan for summer learning.

  2. Bonnie, Congratulations!! After TWELVE years of homeschooling, we filalny bought an expresso machine this year . . .It does take time to adjust, but there are advantages that often emerge in time. My kids are their own people–they like their own music, their own books, their own shows, etc. They dress how they like and are not addicted to labels because you can homeschool in your pajamas if you want. They think their own thoughts and are not afraid to say what they think.One thing that helped me at first was to get away all by myself for a few hours on the weekend and do whatever I wanted. Usually, that meant a book and a cup of coffee!

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  4. This is a really great list. I was thinking of doing this with my kids (I have two preschoolers and two Kindergartners). Now you’ve given me a jumpstart on which videos to use. Unfortunately our library doesn’t have the My Life on the Farm series though. Also, I just wanted to say that I love your site… I’m just getting started homeschooling, and a lot of what you do is aligned with what I want to do with my kids. So it’s great inspiration.

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