Dangerous Animals Unit Study

Dangerous Animals Unit StudyMy 7 year old daughter wanted to abandon her current science studies and spend lots of time learning more about dangerous animals.  So we are!  For this study, I’ve compiled a list of easily available resources from Netflix, Youtube, and our local library.   After consulting with my art-loving daughter, this is how we plan to use this list of resources.

After each video, she will chose a creature from the show and then draw a picture of the creature.  This study is designed to be done independently so she will watch the videos on her own and read what interests her in the books on her own.  Because this is a high interest area, I also know that she will come tell me all the new things she has learned.

We will just proceed through this list in chronological order.

Dangerous Animals Unit Study

Leopard Fight Club (on Netflix)

Turf War  Lions and Hippos (on Netflix)

Read Hippos in the Wild hippos in the wild

Venom Islands (on Netflix)

Titanoboa (on Netflix or Amazon)

Black Mamba Kiss of Death (on Netflix)

Read Deadly Animals deadly animals

Lions Spy in the Den (on Netflix or Amazon)

Tiger Spy in the Jungle (on Netflix or DVD)

Hunt for the Super Predator (on Netflix)

Read Top 10 for Kids Deadly Animals top10

Sharks of the Mediterranean (on Netflix)

Invasion of the Killer Whales (on Netflix or DVD)

Read Predator Animals with the Skill to Kill secretworlds

Search for the Great White Sharks (on Netflix or DVD)

The Top 10 Most Dangerous and Amazing Animals on Earth (on Youtube)

Read 100 Most Feared Creatures 100 most feared

Animals That Will Kill You (on Youtube)

Meet the Most Venomous Animals in the World (on Youtube)

World’s Deadliest Animals North America (on Youtube)

Read Scary and Sneaky scary and sneaky

World’s Deadliest Snakes (on Youtube)

World’s Deadliest Animals Australia (on Youtube)

The Amazonian Piranha – World’s Deadliest Animals (on Youtube)

Read Navigators: Killer Creatures Killer Creatures

The Scorpion’s Tale (on Youtube)

Deadly Crocodiles of the Nile River (on Youtube)

Croczilla (on Youtube)

Read Piranhas and Other Small Deadly Creatures piranhas

Great White Shark – Hunter of the Deep (on Youtube)

Wild Brutal Killers (on Youtube)

Ultimate Predator:  Jaws of Death (on Youtube)

Ultimate Predator:  Killer Instincts (on Youtube)

Read Predators predators

Australia’s Deadliest Shark Coast (on Youtube)

Predators:  Wild Dogs (on Youtube)

Read Spiders The Ultimate Predator spiders

Attack of the Giant Jellyfish (on Youtube or DVD)

The Spider Hunter (on Youtube or DVD)

Read Tarantulas Dangerous Animals tarantulas

Ocean’s Deadliest Predators (on Youtube)

Escape Predators (on Youtube)

Read Scorpions   scorpians

Savage Season (on Youtube)

The Deadiest Bugs on Earth deadliestbugs

The Ultimate Predator (on Youtube)

Alligator Gar (on Youtube)

World’s Deadliest Animals in the Amazon (on Youtube)

Monster Bug Wars Season 1 (on Youtube or Amazon)

Read Poisonous Animalspoisonous animals

Monster Bug Wars Season 2 (on Youtube or Amazon)

Attack of the Killer Bees (on Youtube)

Read Killer Bees killer bees

Wild Things Deadliest Critters (DVD)

Africa’s Deadliest (DVD)

Secret Life of Predators (DVD)

Read Powerful Predators powerful predators

Monster Python (DVD)

Venom:  Nature’s Killer (DVD)

Predators at War (DVD)

Read Extreme Predators  extreme predators

Predators: Antelopes and Gazelles (DVD)

Invasion of the Killer Whales (DVD)

Monster Fish of the Congo (DVD)

Read Diving Beetles Underwater Predators diving beetles

Wildlife Survivors (DVD)

Into the Lion’s Den (DVD)

Read Dangerous Creatures dangerous creatures

Killer Instinct:  Snakes (DVD)


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    WOW! Very cool and engaging for the kiddos.

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