Edible Geography – A Cookie Cake of Ukraine

Edible Geography A Cookie Cake Map of Ukraine

We completed a cookie cake of Ukraine today in our study of the country. Last year when we started studying countries in depth we made a salt map. At the end of our study we had a salt map hanging around taking up space. So I decided to make something edible next time around. The cookie cake was fun to make.  My boys had fun eating the different parts of the country too.

To make our cookie cake I spread cookie dough on a cookie sheet and baked it. I then cut the cookie cake to approximate the shape of the Ukraine. I then frosted it with some icing and the boys decorated it with green sugar to represent plains, chocolate chips to represent mountains, and blue to represent water. My 5 year old searched through our foam letters to find all the letters needed to make the word Ukraine and then they put the letters on. Of course there is a big red area on our map for Chernobyl. They both want to eat that part!

Ukraine Cookie Cake


  1. I taught a high school coop class a few years ago and for the final continent project they all did a representation of Austraila in food. It was really fun and we had so many creative representations!!

  2. Actually a thought. You could do this with large sheet cake and put the map of the country on the cake. Then make little flags with the names of the capital and other important cities out of paper and toothpicks!

  3. This is an awesome idea! Much more fun than coloring and labeling a worksheet.

  4. You are so creative! I love this idea. Thanks 🙂

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