Exercise in the Homeschool


Exercise is an important part of our homeschool.  Back when my boys were in 1st and 3rd grade we started Dr. Sears’ LEAN Kids program.  Since then any video game time has been linked to exercise.  If they don’t exercise, they have no video game time.  On the weekend they have the opportunity to exercise more to get more video game time.  Exercise is something that is part of almost every school day.  For 30 minutes of each day they can do anything active as long as it makes them sweaty.  My three kids all do this together.  My two older kids also have a focused exercise time on the treadmill as part of the school day.

They have been getting used to using a treadmill in the past year and we have recently begun to set running goals using the percentile data from runningschool.org.  I had each child run as fast as possible for a 1/2 mile and then we set a 1/2 mile goal that was in reaching distance, but it required effort to get there.  I did the same for 1 mile.  As an added incentive, I’m awarding 30 minutes of bonus video game time anytime someone meets a goal.

Setting goals is really helping my children progress.  They will likely never be athletes, but they are learning how to be physically fit.  My oldest son is 11 and ran a mile today in less than 8 minutes.  My younger son did his best time ever by running a 1/2 mile in 4:16.  While these results are not stellar, they are amazing for them.  Both of my boys needed physical therapy in early childhood.

Exercise will remain an important part of our homeschool throughout high school.  By then, I’m hoping that the habits established throughout childhood will transfer into a healthy future for my kids.  The Dr. Sears’ program has been a life changing choice for us.

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