Fall Break

It seems like we started our school year just yesterday and Fall Break is already here.  Actually, we did start our school year last week.  While we wouldn’t normally take a break just after starting our school year, we try to take our breaks to match my husband’s vacation time.  This week we have already enjoyed taking a trip up near North Bay in Ontario.  Thanksgiving is this coming weekend too so we will enjoy time with family and a trip to the fair. Since we just started our school year I am fitting in a little school here and there.  Today we managed about 2-2.5 hours of school.  Tomorrow is picture day and we will probably try and squeeze in some reading during errands.

We should get back to mostly full-speed next week.  We plan to move in the next 6 weeks and I hope to keep at least 2 hours of school going each day during this time of transition.  Last year I took off 6 weeks for a move and we ended our school year rather late.  This year I hope to avoid that by keeping school going at least part-time.  We count hours rather than days so 2 hours here and 30 minutes there can add up to a full school day.  Our typical school day is about 5-6 hours long.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there!


  1. Nope, not too far. Moving back to Mississauga.

  2. You are moving again? Where to this time? I hope not too far. I am still hoping to meet you sometime.

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