Fall Unit Study Highlights

Fall Unit Study HighlightsThis school year I’m doing theme based unit studies with my 4 year old.   I’ve listed the resources and activities planned for the year’s unit studies here.   This fall we enjoyed learning about the season of fall, thanksgiving, and participated in many fall-related activities.

Fall Unit Study

We painted a piece of cardboard with a paste made out of flour and water and then sprinkled bird seed on the paste.  Once it dried we hung it up in a tree for the birds and squirrels.
Fall Unit Study 2
Jumping on hay bales was fun!
Fall Unit Study 3

After a little wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, my 4 year old picked out a pumpkin to carve.

Fall Unit Study 4

Fun at the local county fair.

Fall Unit Study 5

Fall Unit Study 6

Fall Unit Study 7

Fall Unit Study 8

Here you are supposed to see C-3PO, Mario, and a Clone Trooper.

Fall Unit Study 9

Family Thanksgiving meal (in October in Canada) at a Chinese buffet restaurant.

Fall Unit Study 10

Making apple prints.

What are some of your favorite fall activities?  Please share in the comments.

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  1. We love pumpkins! Picking one out and carving it!
    Love Autumn 💜

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