First Day of Easter Break

We have 3 days off for Easter this year.  My kids spent the morning playing and exercising while I worked.  After I finished working for the day I snapped a few pictures of their fun…

My oldest and youngest were playing on the Wii.  It was mostly the older one helping my youngest learn how to play the game.

I went downstairs and found my youngest boy hard at “work.”  He was enjoying his favorite activity – creating games on Scratch.

He was explaining to me that he knows how to make a platform game now.  He watches Youtube videos to learn how to do different things on Scratch.

Here was his working screen:

I’m not knowledgeable about this stuff.  My only computer science class was back in the mid 80s.  He usually spends an hour of his school day working on Scratch and then some playtime too.

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