Foreign Language Progress – Arabic

My boys are slowly learning Arabic and we are using Alif Baa With Multimedia as well as Arabian Sinbad.  Alif Baa focuses on learning how to read and write the alphabet.  We find it quite challenging because letters are written differently based on where they are in the word.  It also teaches us to pay attention to the sounds of Arabic.  We started with this book several years ago and progress slowly as each child demonstrates mastery over a concept.  We started with the alphabet before learning to read and write.

Here is a video of my 8 year old who is almost done with second grade.  He is currently on unit 3 and has made a bit of progress this year.  This exercise is one he is currently working on mastering.

Here is a video of my 10 year old who is almost done with 4th grade.  He is on unit 5 and this exercise is one he just completed.  We work towards mastery so the child continues with an exercise until most answers are correct.

Their understanding of Arabic has grown quite a bit during this school year as well.  Arabian Sinbad has provided a fun way to understand and learn Arabic.

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