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Free Hands-On Neuroscience Activities for Kids

Free Hands-On Neuroscience for KidsThere are so many great resources out there!  As I was looking for resources for our human anatomy study, I stumbled on a site that shares instructions and pictures for numerous neuroscience projects.

The Neuroscience for Kids website shares how to make a neuron using your choice of materials, many different activities to explore the brain, and much more.

We chose to make the brain out of Play Doh and do a string art brain connection activity for our study.  They were both enjoyed, but the string art activity really brought home the point of the many connections we have in our brain.


  1. Thanks for the post, I’ll be bookmarking that for later! Check out my homeschool blog: http://TheTeachersPugalier.com

  2. Great link! Thank you! I’ve been scouring the internet for sources on human anatomy. But it’s the brain I’m especially interested in teaching my 8-year old about.
    So far, my favorite online resource for anatomy study is: thinkanatomy.com.

    Our favorite games are:
    1) Poke-a-Muscle http://www.anatomyarcade.com/games/PAM/PAM.html

    2) Whack-a-Bone http://www.anatomyarcade.com/games/WAB/WAB.html

    The latter is the favorite. I’ll be interested to know what other good materials you find!

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