Getting ready for the school year…

Our school year starts in only 3 weeks since we are switching to a year-round schedule.  Our last day of school is tomorrow so I have a narrow window of time to get everything ready.  There are a few remaining things that are not here yet, but should get here in the next 10 days or so.  I pulled out all the different resources I have on hand right now and made different piles for science, math, writing, languages, language arts, logic, history and geography, and music.  I don’t have a pile for art yet.  We are doing chalk pastels this year and I still need to get the instructional materials.  I’m using books from the library for reading and geography studies.  I’m also getting together sewing resources for my daughter since she wants to cut and sew and create.  My oldest is using Miller-Levine’s Biology textbook this year and I haven’t even started on figuring out what lab materials I need to get yet.  Now I have this big puzzle of materials to fit together into something cohesive and interesting.  Good thing I enjoy this part of homeschooling because it would be quite laborious if I didn’t.

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