Grammar Island Story Time

We are using Michael Clay Thompson’s Language Arts Island Level this year. My son had his first writing assignment today. He was given a list of words containing different parts of speech and had to create a story based on the first sentence.

His chosen words were:

The (adj) fat (adj) frog (noun) ran (verb) quickly (adv).

I just gave him instructions that he had to write a story with a beginning, a middle where a problem is solved, and an end. I didn’t specify the length of the story. When he was done he slowly “typed” his story on his blog with a Wii remote. I guess that is more fun than typing it at a computer.

You can see his story here.

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  1. I’m a new follower and a new home school teacher for my six year old son. I love the lego creations here! I really look forward to reading your blog as we dive in.

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