Hands-on Science with Ladybugs

Hands on science with ladybugsOur ladybugs are here!  Last week I ordered 1000 ladybugs to be shipped to our home.  Prior to purchasing, we did a little research and are hoping to be able to observe the life cycle of ladybugs.  We went to the store the morning after they arrived and found a container for their home.  Spring has come later this year so there aren’t aphids out in our yard yet.  We have had tons of aphids in the past few years so I’m hoping they show up soon.  Right now I’m attempting to keep them alive with honey-water and raisins.

I’ve been opening the container once each day.  I take it outside and a bunch escape each time I open the lid.  I put in a little honey water on a cotton ball and I have a few softened raisins in their container too.  Once they are released the kids enjoy “playing” with the little critters.  They are trying to find little bugs for them since they eat small soft-bodied insects.  Not much success so far.  This week is supposed to be warm so maybe the aphids will show up.



Looking in the ladybugs home.


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