Hanging Gardens of Babylon

While there is some doubt to their actual existence, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon that visited our home were quite real.  Our little production didn’t come close in size or design, but it did help bring history to life.

We took a brief look at ancient Babylon and to finish off our study we attempted a Hanging Gardens model made out of Rice Krispie Treats.  

We had planned to make it bigger and use little toy plastic trees to decorate it, but the Rice Krispie layers were just too small to make that work.  So we adapted and used a little green frosting for plants and some blue frosting to represent water.

We were pretty low tech here.  I just used a baggie with a tiny hole cut in one corner.  Both boys had their first opportunity to decorate with frosting.

Here is the finished product.  We were quite happy with how the waterfall turned out.  But the best part?  It was yummy!


  1. omq!!!! i need to do mmine and i love this ideaaa!!!!! my fiend carolan did almost the same thinqq for the pyramids of giza

  2. This is really cool!

  3. We are just finishing up Ancient History with my dd6. She is definitely going to want to do this over the summer!

  4. I love it!! I am sad we are past this in history~looks like fun!

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