Health Study 2009-2010

Health StudyI had ordered a Health and Safety curriculum online, but it was not what I expected. I returned it and have just put something together with my old PE book printed in 1989 and online resources.

I have 20 minutes a week scheduled for health, but that may vary slightly depending on the activity.
The PE book is still being printed, but the page numbers used are from the 1989 edition called Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness. The book is not for my kids level so when I refer to page numbers it is for me to read and explain the concepts presented in the book.
I’ve listed several websites. Some are for me to view and explain to my children and others are for us to explore together.

Week 1: Wellness challenge pg 9 and endorphins and muscle soreness on pg 18

Week 2: 1.5 mile run test page 21

Week 3: Step test page 22

Week 4: Intensity of exercise, resting heart rate pg 28,39,35

Week 5: Muscle strength pg 45 pic and 49 test

Week 6: Strength training exercises in PE book

Week 7: Flexibility test pg 84, 85, 87

Week 8: Flexibility exercises 94-96

Week 9: Low back exercises 97-99

Week 10: Body mass calculations of fat

Week 11: Fire safety

Week 12: Fire Safety – make fire escape plan

Week 13: 911

Week 14: Lost

Name, address, parents name review

Find another mom or policeman

Stay put, don’t look for parent.

Week 15: Germs

Sid the Science Kid The Journey of a Germ – YouTube

The Importance of Handwashing – YouTube

Handwashing with Soapy – YouTube

Wash your hands – YouTube

No Germs on Me – YouTube

Washing Your Hands the Right Way – YouTube

Handwashing for Kids – Crawford the Cat – YouTube

Week 16: Dental care

Dr. Rabbit and the Legend of the Tooth Kingdom on

Week 17: Dental Care

Fun games here

Week 18: Vision

Week 19: Sex-Ed

Read 5 year old- The Story of Me (God’s Design for Sex)

Read7 year old – Before I Was Born (God’s Design for Sex)

Week 20: Calories and carbohydrates (stay healthy section) and label reading

Week 21: Fats and Proteins (stay healthy section) and label reading

Week 22: Vitamins and minerals pg 121, 122

Week 23: Water and Fiber Pg 122,123 – Daily Water Consumption Video

Week 24: Food Pyramid

Inside the pyramid

Pyramid game

Week 25: Food Pyramid

My Pyramid plan

Menu planner

Pyramid game

Week 26: Calorie expenditures pg 140

Start food diary

Week 27: Check food diary

Week 28: Stress management

Practice things here:

Week 29: Sleep

Why we sleep

How sleep works

Week 30: Sleep

Sleep and you

Can’t sleep


Week 31: Sleep


Bring out the stars

Week 32: Stranger Danger

Don’t ever go with strangers – YouTube

Week 33: Bike and internet safety

Bicycle helmet safety

Childrens bicycle safety video

Internet safety video

Week 34: Anti-smoking/drugs/drinking

Week 35: Step test, flexibility test, body mass test and compare with initial test

Week 36: Finish testing


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all your hardworking for free here. I am only 5 weeks into our homeschooling journey and to be honest was starting to feel like I was sinking. Looking over this website has given me so much more motivation to keep on going. Thanks again

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