Highlights from Christmas Unit Study

In December I did a home-made Christmas unit study with my 4 year old.  Basically, we read a bunch of picture books related to Christmas and did some fun activities.  I compiled a list of books based on what my library had available.  You can see our list of books and activities here.  Due to time constraints we didn’t actually get to everything on this list, but had fun with what we were able to do.  I also skipped our planned unit study in November to give us more time for our Christmas study.  Here are some highlights:

Decorating the Christmas tree.

Making peanut blossoms.  Little girl is using a pastry cutter that belonged to her great grandmother.

Rolling the dough in sugar.
Putting the Kisses on the baked peanut blossoms.

I never made a gingerbread house before so I bought a kit for this one.  The kit included all the gingerbread cut into shapes.  I also bought the recommended icing.  I started out having my 4 year old help me “glue” it together and quickly realized this was a VERY challenging activity.  She went off to play and I managed to get it all to stick together.  Later she came back to decorate it.

Her finished masterpiece.

Making bird seed ornaments.
Putting strings of popcorn and the birdseed ornaments on a bush in our backyard.
Making and decorating Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve day.

She wanted to decorate the pink ones.
Candlelight Christmas Eve service

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