Homeschool Polls


Homeschool Polls


Cast your vote in these 10 homeschool polls that present some of the questions homeschoolers often ask each other.  See the results of each poll as soon as you click the vote button.   Vote in as many or as little polls as you like.  Did any of the results surprise you?

How many years have you been homeschooling?
555 votes · 62 answers


What is your main reason for homeschooling?
543 votes · 59 answers


What special learning needs are found in your homeschool? (Choose all that apply)
503 votes · 83 answers


Typically, how many outside activities or social get togethers does each child partake in each week?
489 votes · 48 answers


What best describes your homeschool approach?
498 votes · 49 answers


What materials do you prefer to use?
496 votes · 49 answers


How many kids are you homeschooling?
494 votes · 53 answers


If you homeschooled from the beginning, what age did you start formal instruction?
358 votes · 40 answers


Have you ever had doubts that you could educate your kids appropriately?
477 votes · 48 answers


What is the hardest thing about homeschooling?
466 votes · 47 answers

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  1. I have too many ‘Main Reasons’ for homeschooling-I can’t decide which is my ‘Main’ one!
    Elaine recently posted…Heal the World Book ClubMy Profile

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