Homeschooling Benefit: Strong Sibling Bonds

Homeschooling Benefit Strong Sibling BondsI was looking back at some homeschooling pictures from 5 or so years ago and I ran into a few that reminded me about one of the great benefits of homeschooling.

I didn’t set out on this homeschooling journey with the knowledge that strong sibling bonds would be a big benefit of homeschooling.  But it is.  As we are well on our way into our 9th year homeschooling, I can say that those bonds have grown with each passing year.

Yes, fights or arguments happen.  Daily.  But they work things out and go through life together as built-in playmates.  They talk about how they all want to live in houses next to each other someday.  Lol.  I don’t know if that will happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

In these pictures my then first grader was using Explode the Code online (which I do not recommend) for phonics. His then 2-year-old little sister would often run over and hang out with him as he started his phonics.

If my son was away at school, moments like this would be missed.   Sure there would be moments other times, but the sheer volume of time together provides so many shared memories.  While this may not have been my main reason for homeschooling, it is an amazing benefit that I hope lasts throughout my children’s lives.


  1. Yes, those bonds will continue! After 28 years of this, my kids couldn’t be closer, flying in from all over the country to see their sister be rodeo queen.

  2. I agree since I’ve homeschooled my youngest her much older brother see her more and they are forming a bond.

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